Which CrossFit Gym Is Best For Me?

It's an important question to ask when deciding which CrossFit facility to sign up to as a member. 


I am going to lay out some important considerations for you to keep in mind when selecting which is best for you.

When you make your initial enquiry I believe it is important that the owner of that CrossFit gym responds to you within 24 hours.


Whilst most owners are busy coaching and working with their clients it's a good sign when they respond quickly and for that response to be personal and not just a generic reply. You might even call their facility and or drop in in person to view the gym and if they're welcoming and invite you in to have a look around and see what's going on I think this is a positive sign also.

Is there a best CrossFit gym for me?

Next, I believe the sign of a good facility is if they offer you a free taster session and a form of consultation. This shows they're interested in showing you what they offer and that they want to get to know YOU as an individual and your personal goals and background. 

The best CrossFit gyms are the ones that are a little smaller and community focused NOT competition focused. In the tight-knit gyms, you often find that they're family run and really invested in the people who come to train with them. 

Following that, another good sign is if the facility offers some form of initial induction process prior to starting as a full-time member. This may involve some assessments or education to make sure you understand the ethos of the facility and the way sessions are conducted. This means they take their safety and your progress very seriously which is only a positive thing!

More signs to look for to know whether its the best CrossFit gym for me

During this entire process, you will know whether this is the best CrossFit gym for you by how OTHER coaches and members of the gym interact with you and the feel you get for the facility. If these people say hello and are friendly and make you feel welcome then you know you've found a good place to workout! The sign of a good facility is one where their members come up to you and introduce themselves and make you feel at home from the very start. 

Let this be a guide for you in choosing when asking yourself the question of "What is the best CrossFit gym for me?". 

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