Where Can I Do CrossFit?

CrossFit should always be completed under the guidance of a qualified instructor at a CrossFit licensed facility known as an affiliate.

There are five affiliated CrossFit gyms in the Cardiff area, but each one is very different from the other. Each uses the CrossFit methodology to drive its delivery of fitness but the environment and community in each are all very unique with no one the same as the next.

I think this is a good thing, as for you the customer it is essential that you find a CrossFit facility that you can go to that suits your personality and how you would like to be coached in exercise. 

Can I Do CrossFit In Cardiff?

My suggestion to you is to arrange a FREE taster session and shop around a bit. Most good CrossFit facilities will offer this and a form of initial consultation to get to know you and your wants and needs, and this is great for you to establish the "feel" of the gym and the coaches and other members there. 

Affiliated CrossFit Gym's In Cardiff Are All Different

An excellent CrossFit facility, in my opinion, will not only offer you the opportunity to do this but they will also have a welcoming community that makes you feel comfortable and at home (we know how daunting it can be going somewhere for the first time, but don't forget everyone was new at some point). 

Beware though there are a lot of "fake" facilities out there posing as CrossFit gyms who are not licensed to practice this form of exercise. Do your research and if in doubt you can visit the affiliate diary on CrossFit.com to verify if the gym you're looking at is affiliated with CrossFit. 

If you're interested in arranging a free consultation and taster session at The Boat Shed, please don't hesitate to get in touch but clicking the GET A FREE SESSION tab above and leaving us your details so we can get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively, you can email us at pete@theboatshedfitness.co.uk