Use CrossFit To Help You Through Christmas

You can bake your cake and eat it this Christmas!...just in moderation. 


You can still keep up your training AND enjoy time off work with friends and family during the upcoming festive period. 


We believe that you can still maintain a balanced training approach during this busy time to make sure you keep up your strength and fitness. Try not to let 11 months of training be derailed in 1 single month of over indulgence.

Try not to let December derail you

Plan your workouts in and around your other commitments to enjoy this time of the year.


“It’s not what you do and eat between Christmas and New Year, it’s what you do and eat between New Year and Christmas.” 


Try and arrange your week as you would normally with your training by booking in your sessions ahead of time so they appear in your schedule (just like you would do with social events.) Arrange it with friends or regular training buddies to keep you accountable too!


CrossFit classes are fantastic for providing you with an opportunity to get into the gym for 1 hour - 3-5 times per week and be coached through structured strength and conditioning to burn off those calories accumulated over the holiday period. 


The combination of strength, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises make it the perfect tonic (no pun intended) to counter the potential temptations of Christmas parties and get-togethers with family and friends.


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You can bake your cake and eat moderation!