5 Tips To Actually Help Achieve Your New Years Resolutions For Fitness

"New Year New Me" is what I tend to hear around the beginning of January each year. Often by the beginning of February, all the good intentions from a month earlier seem to have disappeared and people find themselves back at square 1.

I'm going to make five suggestions on how you can avoid that and be better this year that you may previously have been in years past. 

Set realistic expectations - be it for exercise or nutrition goals you may have for yourself. For example, if you've been averaging one gym session per week for the past 3 months don't expect yourself to increase it to five all of a sudden. Gradually build up to it by setting the expectation of training twice this week, three times the next week etc until you eventually build up to the desired amount you want to be at. 

"Be realistic with goal setting for the New Year"

Actually commit to something for a period of time. If you've set out on a new nutritional approach give it time to be put into practice - for example, 6 months, rather than giving up after 4 weeks. Rome wasn't built in a day and your biggest challenge will be patience in the early stages when you haven't seen any results yet.


Find people to do it with. Get a friend or group of friends to join you for the journey. This gives you some accountability when the initial motivation of starting something new wears off. It gives you people to lean on for support and encouragement when times get challenging, which they will (remember what you've embarked on is going to be difficult at times). 

"Fitness Goals For The New Year Can Be Achieved - Just Try To Be Smart In Your Planning"

Make sure you actually enjoy what you've set out to accomplish. Hating and or dreading something is completely unsustainable in the long run. Often the enjoyment comes in the process and you have to have some form of "why" behind what you're setting out to do otherwise it's rather pointless. 


Record what you do! That way you can look back and track your progress over time and tweak accordingly. Similarly to point 3 above, after a period of time when the initial motivation has gone looking back on the accomplishments you've already made (be it small ones) can act as a continued driving force.  


If you're looking for some classes that may help you work towards your fitness goals in the New Year you can find our new 2019 timetable located below.


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