My Local CrossFit Gym

Your local CrossFit gym should be a lot of the TV series "Cheers". It's a place where everybody should know your name. I know my CrossFit gym is.

Unlike a conventional gym people at your local CrossFit gym tend to go out of their way to say hello and get to know a little about you. That's what's uniquely brilliant about small independent facilities. 

Your local CrossFit gym does things slightly different from most gyms because they try (or should at least) to blend fitness and fun. Often described as one's "third space" I believe this to be true. It's a place where people like to work hard and improve their physical qualities as well as develop friendships that go beyond the walls of the gym. 

Your local CrossFit gym is a place where everyone knows your name

Your local CrossFit gym is likely to make you want to exercise on a weekly basis but drawing you to it's warming and motivating atmosphere.


The coaches should be knowledgeable and friendly and the members fun to be around and workout with. Often it becomes more than a space to exercise in but generally a really cool place to hang out. 

Good local CrossFit gyms will host get-togethers and events for their members to participate in, be it social gatherings around the holiday seasons or charity fundraisers all geared towards the community that it is built around. 

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You would kill two birds with one stone by making some new friends and improving your fitness.