How Fit Do I Need To Be For CrossFit?

Well, I guess that starts with what your definition of "fit" is right?

"Fit" to one person could mean something entirely different for another. My suggestion to you is to create your definition of what this means. Usually, it will align with what goals and priorities you have for your fitness pursuits. For some people "fit" might be the ability to play with their kids and grandkids, for others, it might mean looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while others it might mean the ability to walk up and down a mountain without stopping. 

"The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is now" 

​CrossFit is a general physical preparation strength and conditioning programme that offers individuals the opportunity to create a balanced range of fitness qualities. The most common question that I receive from new people interested in starting it is whether they need to possess a certain starting level of fitness to begin their journey.


In my opinion, the answer is no you don't. Why?

Because if that were the case, you would probably never start because you would never quite feel "fit enough." 

Do I really need to be fit to start CrossFit?

The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that it gives you the ability to keep improving your fitness attributes across a lifetime. You may walk into your local CrossFit gym on day one not knowing anything, but if you have good coaches at your disposal, they will help teach you over time new skills and exercises to help improve your fitness.


Amazingly you will always feel like you are not fit enough, but that is usually down to the fact that with increasing levels of strength and fitness you will continue to push yourself in ways you never thought possible. 


A mistake I see people make when considering whether CrossFit is for them is that they watch popular Netflix documentaries such as "The Fittest On Earth" and "The Redeemed & The Dominant".  While these showcase amazing feets of ability, they are demonstrating the Sport of CrossFit rather than the health and fitness aspect of CrossFit. They are different to each other, and 99% of people in CrossFit affiliate gyms are doing health and fitness aspects of CrossFit and are ordinary Joes and Janes just looking to enjoy their fitness and improve their health markers and live longer. 


So I encourage you to break down the barrier that you've likely created in your head that you need to be at a certain level of fitness to begin. Once I was told that at some point "Everyone was a beginner." The hardest part is starting.


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