How Do I Get Started With CrossFit?



This week we discuss the NEW getting started process at The Boat Shed for prospective members and why we’ve made these changes.

We start initially with a free, no obligations consultation to get to know you and what we can help you with to improve and enjoy your fitness. Our gym is different from the other gyms you may have been to in the past. We want to know about your background with fitness training and what brought you to us and your goals going forwards.


After our initial consultation, we complete 3 x 1:1 personal training sessions, each lasting 60-75 minutes. We call this your assessment course, a very informal way of understanding your current level of movement, strength and fitness levels.

Is getting started with CrossFit that easy?

We are different in the sense that we align all our new members with a coach from the start and through your assessment course into group classes.


We want to create a relationship with you so that you feel you can trust us in helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

After completing your assessment course, we will either continue with more 1:1 sessions if required or transition to a one month trial of group classes to begin establishing consistency with your training week to week. Your coach will help you with structuring this along the way with regular check in's.  

We would love to help you get started with CrossFit

After this trial month, we will then move you onto a monthly membership where you will continue meeting up periodically with your coach to make sure you keep working on the areas of your fitness that need addressing while enjoying the social environment of the group classes.


We love this hybrid blend of 1:1 and group training. 



To book a free consultation for yourself click the contact tab below or simply email us: