CrossFit In Cardiff

The evolution of CrossFit in Cardiff has been an interesting one to be a part of and witness over the past 8 years that I have been involved with it.


At one point in time, there were no facilities in the city that could cater to “functional fitness” as it is now known but over time the growth of the independent gym has organically seen it grow and Cardiff now boosts a number of excellent CrossFit facilities.


Cardiff has a population of a little over 300,000 people and with the ever growing popularity of fitness I don’t see the popularity of CrossFit fading, especially with its bigger than ever presence on social media and TV with documentaries such as the Fittest On Earth and Reemded and Dominant now showing on Netflix.


I think now is as good a time as ever to start CrossFit in Cardiff and use the inspiration of watching such programmes to work on improving your own fitness levels. 

CrossFit Is Making Exercise Fun In Cardiff

CrossFit in my opinion has made exercising fun again. In blends the social aspects of community with the enjoyment of staying healthy and for anyone who enjoys both its a popular choice as a method of trying to get and stay in shape.

CrossFit is a general physically preparedness programme - I.e it helps to deliver a programme that enables you to develop and build capacity in a multitude of different areas. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Co-ordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. For me this gave me the opportunity to stay balanced in my pursuit of improved health and fitness and to more importantly never get bored or feel like exercising was a chore! 


Cardiff is a beautiful city and I love being able to work on my fitness in the gym and then go and apply it outside and never feel like I am lacking in any given area of expression of my fitness. If I want to go out running across the barage I can, if I want to do bodyweight movements in Llandaff fields whilst walking my dog I can, if I want to remove a large sofa from my house I can because I am strong enough. This is the beauty of CrossFit and it’s ability to literally crossover to real life application and uses that many other fitness programmes simply do not offer. 

Why is CrossFit Exploding In Cardiff?

It combines the best elements of weightlifting and powerlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular movements in fun ways! It also has the unique ability to allow adults to feel part of something and in other words a community or outlet to make new friends and be social. I don't know many other outlets which blend these physical and social aspects. Out of our gym many other things have spawned such as coffee get togethers, baking clubs and touch rugby teams! 


I strongly encourage you to try it out if you’re on the fence and wanted to but never made the leap our facility The Boat Shed Training Centre offers a Free Taster session if you want to get in touch and see what it’s all about.