Am I too old for CrossFit?

It's a common question that we get from people enquiring about joining our facility as a member, and the answer you will be glad to hear is NO you're not too old to start with us!

Many of our members are working professionals, parents or just people who have recognised the need and importance of having a regular and fun exercise routine built into their busy lives. Sometimes people's first experience of CrossFit with us is the first time since they were a child that they have done regular exercise again and this is absolutely fine!

Starting a new hobby is sometimes daunting

As adults, it can sometimes be daunting to start new hobbies in areas you don't have much experience or confidence in but I can assure you starting CrossFit is never too late. It will only help you as you age and get older to make sure you still have the ability to do the things outside of the gym that are important to you such as play with your kids and be a good father, mother, husband, wife, friend or simply good human being!

With an open mindset, CrossFit is hugely enjoyable

As adults, especially as we get older, we sometimes think we can't do the things we were once capable of when we were younger. However, I believe that if you have an open mindset, are willing to be coached you will find great enjoyment and success in CrossFit through the varied and fun environment we create in our facility for working out. We make exercising fun again!

My suggestion to you is to arrange a FREE taster session and shop around a bit. Most good CrossFit facilities will offer this and a form of initial consultation to get to know you and your wants and needs, and this is great for you to establish the "feel" of the gym and the coaches and other members there. 

An excellent CrossFit facility, in my opinion, will not only offer you the opportunity to do this but they will also have a welcoming community that makes you feel comfortable and at home (we know how daunting it can be going somewhere for the first time, but don't forget everyone was new at some point). 

If you're interested in arranging a free consultation and taster session at The Boat Shed, please don't hesitate to get in touch but clicking the GET A FREE SESSION tab above and leaving us your details so we can get in touch.

Alternatively, you can stop by and meet one of our friendly staff or contact us via email on

We look forward to hearing from you.