Professional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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Receive coaching from a Level 1 Certified Precision Nutrition Instructor

Limited to 10 people until further places open up.

For the first 5 people who sign up you receive a special ongoing monthly rate of:


There after the sign up price will be £35 a month.


Start 2018 with something you can carry on not only all year but for the rest of your life.

This is about education and long term change not short term fixes.


To register your interest please email me on:

Launches on 1st Jan 2018

Do you want to:

Eat better?
Look better naked?
Feel better day to day?
Improve your long term health?
Lose body fat and experience better body composition?


After years of frustration watching people start their New Year on the latest fad diet only to then "fall off the wagon" a month later I'm excited to bring a proven and effective solution to avoid this happening again.

Lots of people know that practice/habit-based coaching is more effective and has longer-lasting effects than typical diets or meal tracking. But not everyone knows how to do it effectively. I do, and I want to show you how.

After personally working with Precision Nutrition for over a year I'm excited to bring you a system with proven results that will help you practice new eating habits, troubleshoot your biggest food challenges, stay consistent, motivated, accountable, and radically improve your nutrition, lifestyle, and health for the long term.

What do I get? A full years education curriculum, divided into 2-week habit blocks.

Every day you will receive:

  • A log in to a personal home page. (This is called a “Today” page, because it tells you what to do today.)
  • A lesson to read.
  • A habit - a small task to do.


Every week:

  • You will measure and record your progress.
    (This can be body measurements or other indicators that you want to track such as energy levels or adherence to an exercise routine.)


Every 2 weeks:

  • You get a new habit to try and practice.


Every month:

  • You upload a photo and measurements as part of their progress tracking. This keeps you accountable and makes sure you’re working towards your goal month to month.


As you can see, each week and month you will receive lots of help, advice and education whilst constantly measuring and revisiting your progress and goals.
This process is about:

  • Improving your consistency with basic good habits and/or exercise
  • Improving your overall health — such as better blood work or glucose control, taking fewer medications, balancing your hormones, etc.
  • Improving your recovery — such as rehabbing from an injury or illness, sleeping better, and taking better care of yourself
  • Improving your physical capability — such as mobility and physical function
  • Improving your athletic performance and exercise capacity — such as being able to try new sports and activities, or get better at the sports and activities you already do
  • Improving the way you feel — becoming fitter, stronger, more capable, and more confident
  • Improving your outlook on life and your own potential
It is not a nutrition meal plan although we can help you work out and track your macronutrient breakdown if this is something you feel needs addressing.


Miriam Jones - Boat Shed Member

I have learnt that sustainable habits work, and now understand balance thanks to Pete. I feel stronger than ever!

"In December 2016 I found out I'd earn't a spot at The Rainhill Trials CrossFit Competition. I'd only been a member of The Boat Shed for 9 months and I had little confidence in myself and my abilities. This is when I realised I needed Pete and his nutritional know how! We worked on small steps, which were manageable and on long term goals.
We discussed my calorie intake, taking into consideration my training routine and I began tracking my intake.
Every two weeks we had a chat and Pete gave me 'homework'. In January and February the weight fell off. I was training 5 times a week and I was confident that I could achieve my goasl. By June I'd lost 10kg and was hitting personal bests in strength and gymnastics movements.
It's now December and I have learnt that sustainable habits work, and now understand balance thanks to Pete. I feel stronger than ever.”

The photo is December 2016 Left, June 2017 Middle and December 2017 Right.