Ladies Only CrossFit Classes

New for 2018 we’re launching Ladies Only CrossFit Classes.

Have you wanted to try CrossFit but weren’t sure where to start? Maybe you’re a little nervous of stepping into the gym and trying something new, or you’re a new mother looking to do something for yourself but would need a childcare option.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am – 10:45am during the school term you can join our ladies only CrossFit classes. The classes are taught by a female instructor and are for all levels of fitness, we want you to enjoy your training, improve fitness, build confidence and most importantly have fun.

In addition this class works well for mum’s who want to exercise and have their baby near by whilst doing so, although a baby isn’t essential to attend the class!

So come along and join us in 2018 to feel amazing and hopefully make some new friends too.

Starts Tuesday 9th January 2018

Email for more information or join us on the day

Ladies Only CrossFit

Taught by a female instructor

All levels of fitness welcome

Build Confidence & have Fun

Young Children Welcome

Pay as you go £5 per class or Unlimited ladies sessions, monthly membership - £35 per month

"I really wanted to try CrossFit but wasn't comfortable training with men at first, this was the perfect way to try CrossFit and find my feet, now I regularly beat the guys on the WODs"
"Having had my first child I wanted to return to exercising to get back in shape, but finding the time and arranging childcare was impossible, this was perfect, I get to train twice a week and can see my baby as I train"