Monday 20-11-2017

Meet The Members Monday:

Helen Hak

When and how did you get started with us?

I joined The Boat Shed back in 2011, after trying various sports I was advised to give CrossFit a go and was pointed in Pete's direction. I also used do Pete's kettlebell classes at Dave's Gym many years ago, not that he remembers!


What's your favourite workout?

Generally, I just really like training and that is why I keep coming back. I like anything that has double unders, burpees, box jumps, toes to bar and snatches in.


What's your least favourite workout?

I hate any of the traditional CrossFit "girls" workouts without exception. I also hate any rowing/thruster based couplet. The "workout" I recall hating the most was having to row for an hour for distance, I was in the car park and if Pete's car had still been in the car park I would have slit the tyres I was so annoyed!


What's the best part of working out at the Boat Shed?

The same as everyone else really - the people and the programming. I can genuinely say I have made some of my very best friends at the gym.


What's the wallpaper on your phone right now?

Its a picture of me, my husband Paul, our puppy Thora standing outside our new house.


What's your most frequently used emoji tab?

😂  and 😳


What's the first CD you ever bought? 

My first music purchase was on tape and it was Kylie's first album. When I got a CD player (and it was fancy, you could put 3 CD's in and they would rotate!) I bought Nirvana Nevermind and Bon Jovi Keep the Faith. I must have got a third for the fancy player but I can't think what it was.


What's the best cheat meal you enjoy to have?

I don't really have "cheat meals", I'd say rather I have days I eat more than others. I like spicy food, but I also have a sweet tooth and enjoy a cupcake - the Deck make outstanding ones. If you haven't tried them get onto that quickly!


What's the last thing you searched for on Google?

The "Aald Harbour Tearooms" in Lerwick. My sister and I are taking our mum there for afternoon tea when I next go home to celebrate her 60th birthday.


What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Ben and Jerry S'wich Up


If you could be any animal in the world what would you be and why?

I'd be a Quetzal, which is a bird found in Central America and was regarded as sacred by the Mayans.They are beautiful birds and hang about in the forests of Central America which wouldn't be a bad place to live. I even have the Mayan glyph for Quetzal on my right foot.


If you could invite one person round for dinner who would it be and why?

My Granny Violet. She's 88 now and lives in Shetland, I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like and she won't be around forever. She is quite deaf now, but sharp as a pin and guaranteed to make me laugh.


What's your nickname and why?

Peerie H (peerie is the Shetland dialect work for small), I was called H-Frame at university for some reason but don't really know why and Rhys called me "Snazzy Hak" (for obvious reasons!). I HATE being called Hels, that is something the Welsh seem to be fond of!