Our Mission

At The Boat Shed we are passionate about helping people to improve their fitness and overall well being. Our programming is extremely effective at enabling you to reach your goal, we do this by having high quality coaches and ensuring our programmes fit with individual needs.

We provide enhanced programming services by offering three different group levels within the workout of the day.

As everyone coming in our doors has a wide range of goals and ability levels, our group training programme has evolved to cater for this and is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs. During our initial assessment (Intro Course) with you we will establish what your goals for fitness are and which level group will help you to achieve that, this methodology is far more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

To ensure our members are always receiving programming which is specific to their level group needs we regularly carry out testing, in the form of work outs and movements from which we can analyse data and determine what the strengths and weaknesses of each level group are. By using this method of testing, analysing, developing and then re-testing we can ensure that results are achieved.

Below are the details of the three different paths to achieve your fitness goals:

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