About Us

The Boat Shed was established in 2010 as a small community driven gym based in the Cardiff Bay area.

Due to successfully providing health and fitness training to all our members we quickly needed to expand into a larger space – in 2013 we relocated to our current home on Ipswich Road.

We are proud and humbled that we still have members with us since we opened our doors in 2010, this is as much a testament to them and their continued commitment to their own health and fulfilment, as it is an example of our close gym community.

Our purpose is and has always been to bring together open minded, committed individuals in a supportive and inspiring environment.

We want to educate and inspire others to become the best version of themselves through fitness.

We have five core values here at the Boat Shed which is at the heart of everything we do:

Energy and humour – in everything to drive forward with our mission and have fun in what we do!
Dependability and integrity – by showing commitment to others and maintaining a consistent approach to achieving our goals.
Support and encouragement of individuals – to facilitate achievement and success in whatever they may do.
Inspire and educate – through fitness to become self reliant and realise true self worth.
Approachability and empathy – towards those we are serving by taking the time to understand the person, where they are coming from and that everyone is different.

"My one regret about joining the Boatshed is not doing it sooner!"
  - Mirium Jones, BoatShed Athlete